NOVAVENDA provides a specific communication channel that serves as an instrument so that all those people who have knowledge, in a work or professional context, of any infringement in NOVAVENDA, can report it (even anonymously) to the System Manager through the following communication channels of the Ethical Channel that NOVAVENDA has set up for this purpose:

All communications made through NOVAVENDA’s Ethical Channel must be made in good faith and may be accompanied by any documentation deemed appropriate. NOVAVENDA undertakes not to adopt any form of retaliation, threats of retaliation or attempts of retaliation, direct or indirect, against persons who, in good faith, have communicated through the Ethical Channel any irregularity.

Investigations will be carried out by NOVAVENDA’s System Manager in an objective and diligent manner in accordance with internal regulations and applicable legislation. In this regard, throughout the entire investigation procedure, compliance with the principles of objectivity, confidentiality of communications, independence, good faith and protection of personal data will be monitored, as well as guaranteeing the right to defence, honour and the presumption of innocence of the persons under investigation. Furthermore, the procedure shall be transparent and shall guarantee the right to information of the persons involved in the procedure. The following NOVAVENDA’s Ethics Channel Operating Policy defines and establishes the general principles of application, as well as the issues related to the management, processing and resolution procedure of the communications received through NOVAVENDA’s Ethics Channel.